Counselling & educating people with disability in sexuality, relationships & protective education

People 1st Programme

People 1st Programme (PIP) is a programme of the Family Planning Association of WA (Inc) trading as Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ)

People 1st Programme specialise in working with individuals with disability requiring education and counselling in respectful relationships, protective education and sexuality.

People 1st Programme is a registered service provider with WANDIS and NDIS
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Open Hours:

Mon to Fri - 8:45am to 4:15pm

Appointment Hours:
Mon to Fri - 9:30am to 3:30pm


Business hours:

Northbridge Mon–Fri
Albany Thurs & Fri
Bunbury Wed & Thurs
Busselton Thurs & Fri


Building Resilience | Self-esteem | Feelings | Private & Public Concepts  Protective Education | Healthy, Respectful Relationships | Friendships
Cyber Safety | Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours | Puberty | Hygiene  Masturbation | Managing Menstruation | Choices & Consequences
Sex & Consent | Safer Sex Practices | Sexual Abuse | Reproductive Health

About People 1st Programme!

Our experienced counsellors and educators draw on a spectrum of skills and resources to create unique personalised programmes.

People 1st Programme (PIP) believe that people with disability must be acknowledged as sexual beings who have the right to make informed choices about their sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and relationships.

Conducted on a one - one basis, PIP can develop sessions specifically to suit the needs, age and ability of the individual.

We cover a variety of issues around sexuality, respectful relationships and protective education.


Parents / Carers

People 1st Progamme provides support for parents / carers who have a family member accessing our services. Parents / carers role as informal educators are invaluable for reinforcing education provided in one - one sessions. Specific workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of parents and carers.

Non Stop

Non Stop



In 2020 - 2021 PIP delivered 7 5-week programmes to 135 students.

Waiting Times

Waiting Times


Individual Counselling

In 2020 - 2021 PIP carried out one - one Sexuality Education and Counselling to 454 individuals with disability in WA.





PIP has a dedicated team of 15 Counsellors and Staff dedicated to helping our clients as quickly and effectively as possible.





PIP has been continually providing specialist counselling and education to clients in WA since 1994.

What our clients say:

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PIP is always willing to fit in with our schedule when possible, and punctual.


Service Provider

Very professionally conducted with courteous and interactive consultation.  Friendly approach to conducive learning.

Service Provider


I have learnt so many different things that has helped me.  Like sex, bullying, who is your right friend and what you should or shouldn't do on fb and with sex.


Referral Form

PIP carries out direct one - one counselling and education . Topics to be discussed can be identified on the Referral Form which can be downloaded from this website.  Please highlight topics you wish to cover.

To submit a referral to People 1st Programme please complete the Referral Form and ensure the Consent Form is complete then email it to