Building Resilience


Exploring the components needed to build resilience and aims to promote self confidence and positive self esteem.




This resource has been designed as an education tool to be used with primary school aged children through to adulthood. The modules aims to promote confidence, positive self-esteem and provide a model for building resilience.

Module Outline:

  • The Resilience Module
  • Self-care – physical and mental wellbeing
  • Feelings and Self-Regulation – emotions, triggers and regulating strong emotions
  • Self-esteem and Positive Thinking – build self-esteem, challenge negative thoughts and self-talk
  • Goal Setting – effective goal setting strategies
  • Social Awareness and Relationships – empathy, recognise feelings of others, develop healthy relationships and interpersonal skills; maintain clear boundaries
  • Perseverance and Coping – develop coping skill strategies

What is Included:

  • 7 x Session Plans
  • 2 x Activity Card sets
  • 1 x Activity Scenario sets
  • 21 x Worksheets
  • 5 x Information sheets

Modules are available to download as a PDF once purchased.


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