Developing skills to maintain good personal hygiene and exploring why it is essential.




This resource has been designed as an education tool to be used with young adults and adults. The module aims to provide information about developing and maintaining good personal hygiene and grooming practices.

Module Outline:

  • Assessing own hygiene practices
  • The effects of poor hygiene
  • Developing personal hygiene routines
  • Effective ways to keep clean
  • Hygiene considerations for males
  • Hygiene considerations for females
  • Dental hygiene and developing a daily routine
  • Exploring products for individual needs
  • Developing effective hand washing practices
  • Developing personal grooming practices

What is Included:

  • 8 x Session Plans
  • 1 x Washing my Body activity cards
  • 2 x Diagrams
  • 3 x Worksheets
  • 3 x Information sheets

Modules are available to download as a PDF once purchased.


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