Protective Education – eLearning Education & Toolkit


A programme to teach the essential topics of basic protective behaviours.


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The Protective Education eLearning programme is designed for individuals working alongside people with an intellectual disability. The programme includes a Toolkit for teachers and service providers to deliver a programme, teaching the essential topics of basic protective behaviours.

This package gives providers access to the below eLearning units:

Public and Private Concepts

  • ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ as concepts for a person with an intellectual disability
  • The concepts of personal space and public and private body parts, clothing, talk and places.


Protective Education Frameworks

  • The importance of providing Protective Education
  • The five essential concepts of Protective Education
  • Activities and resources to assist.


Assertive Communication

  • Different types of communication styles
  • Identify ways to communicate assertively
  • Implement an assertive communication model.


This package also includes the below Toolkit:

Protective Education Toolkit

  • Feelings
  • Self-Esteem
  • Public and Private Concepts
  • Trust
  • Being Assertive
  • Feeling Safe


You will receive an email with your Teaching Module Toolkit and access to the eLearning units once the package is purchased.


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