Women and Men’s Health


Exploring common sexual health issues for men and women. Gaining knowledge of screening, testing and self-examinations.




This resource has been designed as an education tool to be used with high school students through to adults. The module aims to develop an understanding of women and men’s sexual health, including health check, reproductive issues, preventive strategies, symptoms and treatment.

Module Outline:

  • Common reproductive issues for women, men and both
  • Developing self-awareness, understanding whats normal for your own body
  • Detecting changed that may needs medical attention
  • Sexual health testing and screening
  • Talking to a health professional

What is Included:

  • 5 x Session Plans
  • 4 x Activity scenarios / Labels and headings
  • 3 x Worksheets
  • 7 x Information sheets
  • Useful information websites and links

Modules are available to download as a PDF once purchased.


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